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About Glen Golf Design

Glen Golf Design is a golf design company with a fresh and dynamic approach to golf course architecture and construction. We are also experienced in compiling golf course surveys, course renovation and restoration projects, project supervision and the preparation of all golf related tender drawings and documents.

We pride ourselves on our technical ability and design creativity.  Through the planning phase of each project we employ the very latest computer software and GPS systems to collaborate with project consultants and validate our design work and once construction activity begins we devote significant time and energy to supervising the construction work to ensure that our creative vision is realised.

Our aim is to ensure that we craft the best possible golf course in each particular location and we possess the relentless passion and determination to achieve that vision.

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to investigate our design ethos and professional services.






Our Approach

"Dedicating time to due diligence and implementing a, 'no-stone-unturned' approach in the planning and design stage is the best way to avoid expensive errors in the field."

Golf Design Services

Every project is unique, has specific constraints and opportunities and a different organisational structure. GGD offers a full range of services but will tailor these services to the exact needs of your project.

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